The Route Bratislava /Hohenau - Brno - Praha/Bohumín/Dresden
21 years of the Bratislava - Prague project 2003-2024

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BP 99.10 TBP 14 Open Rails - 23.01.2024

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The route Bratislava/Hohenau - Brno - Praha Bohumin uses the tracks that are not compatible with any version of Xtracks. Therefore, it is necessary to make the following modifications before installation of this route in the directory :\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator:

You have to copy the directory Global to a directory GlobalX. Then you have to create a directory RoutesX and move all the routes that use Xtracks to this directory. Now you can install the route Bratislava/Hohenau - Brno - Praha and run MSTS with this route.
If you want to use the routes that were moved to the directory RoutesX, you
have to rename the directories Global and Routes to GlobalBP and RoutesBP and rename the directories GlobalX and RoutesX to Global and Routes.

I have two reasons for not using Xtracks. The definiton of the dynamic track
is in Xtracks at another position. It would require to replace about 1500 pieces of the tracks in the whole route. The second reason is that Xtracks strictly limits the maximum number of objects that can be placed on one tile in the editor and therefore it is useless for this route.

Advantages of my modification:
You can expand the standard routes without Xtracks with 24 new switches and
tracks after updating Global (it is included in the installation and update 43bptrat). The size of the update is small and it does not limit the maximum number of objects that can be placed on one tile.

To make the look of the route realistic, there were used objects and contributions from following authors:




Jan Švec


Pavel Krulich


Lukáš Oreška






Roman Šubrt


Michal Tuček


Tomi – signals, gantries, buildings, objects, lamps on platforms based on original documentation, technical cooperation.


Stary – models of signals, railway station buildings in Brno main station, technical cooperation,


Jan Martinek – buildings, objects, based on supplied documentation.

odrážka  Polák – lamps, lighting poles, switch housings, mechanical semaphores, small objects.

Trunecek – all trees, shrubs and terrain textures, Dejv – recording of authentic sounds and noises.


PaV – his objects from the route 024 and set of objects made especially for this route. Pikku – skins of authentic rolling stocks that use this route. Marian Simo – provided web space for downloads.Ppoollll – translation of the editor into the czech language....and many others, my deep thanks to all of them.

 If somebody thinks, that after having worked many years at railway and after changing my job, I have lost my interest in railway, he is completely wrong. “An abstinence syndrome” has to appear. This caused me to make, for the time being, 1200 km long real czech-slovak route from Bratislava to Brno, Ceska Trebova  and to Praha with variant routes through Holic and Mutenice for the computer game Microsoft Train Simulator.



Distances in kilometres:
Bratislava - Kúty (ŽSSK) 63km (electrified route 25kV/50Hz)
  Kúty - Břeclav            18km (electrified route 25kV/50Hz)
  Kúty - Holíč  (ŽSSK) 19km (electrified route 25kV/50Hz)
  Hodonín - Holíč 7km (electrified route 25kV/50Hz)
  Břeclav - Přerov  (levostranný provoz) 100km (electrified route 25kV/50Hz)
  Hodonín - Zaječí 37km  
  Břeclav - Brno 59km (electrified route 25kV/50Hz)
Brno - Svitavy 74km (electrified route 25kV/50Hz......)
Svitavy - Česká Třebová 17km ( ......electrified route 3kV DC )
Česká Třebová - Olomouc 88km (electrified route 3kV DC )
Česká Třebová - Kolín - Praha 164km (electrified route 3kV DC )
Praha Libeň - Hrabovka - Praha Bubny - Praha Bubeneč 10km (electrified route 3kV DC )
odb.Blatov - Pha Běchovice - Malešice - Vršovice - Pha Vyšehrad 15km (electrified route 3kV DC )
Praha hl. n - Praha Smíchov - Beroun 43km (electrified route 3kV DC )
Praha hl. n - Benešov u Prahy - Tábor 103km (electrified route 3kV DC /  25kV/50Hz)
Praha Vršovice - ONJ - Praha Vršovice 7km (electrified route 3kV DC )
Praha Vršovice - Praha Krč 5km (electrified route 3kV DC )
Praha Hostivař - Praha Malešice - Praha Libeň 7km (electrified route 3kV DC )
Praha Vršovice čekací koleje - Praha Krč - Radotín 15km (electrified route 3kV DC )
odb. Rokytka - výhybna Vítkov 2km (electrified route 3kV DC )
Týniště nad Orlicí - Letohrad 41km  
Letohrad - Lichkov 21km (electrified route 3kV DC )
Lichkov - Dolní Lipka - Králíky - Červená Voda 12km  
Dolní Lipka - Hanušovice 20km  
Ústí nad Orlicí - Letohrad 14km (electrified route 3kV DC )
Břeclav - Lednice 13km  
  Břeclav - Mikulov + 2km 26km  
Břeclav - Hohenau (OBB) 19km (electrified route 25kV/50Hz-15kV/16 2/3Hz)
Choceň - Týniště nad Orlicí - Hradec Králové - Velky Osek 91km (electrified route 3kV DC )
Pardubice - Hradec Králové 22km (electrified route 3kV DC )
Opatovice nad Labem - odbočka Plačice 3km (electrified route 3kV DC )
Kolín - Poděbrady - Velké Zboží 18km (electrified route 3kV DC )
Kolín - Kutná Hora - Církvice 14km (electrified route 3kV DC/ 25kV/50Hz)
  Hustopeče - Šakvice 7km  
  Skalice nad Svitavou - Boskovice 5km  
  Zábřeh na Moravě - Šumperk 13km  
  Šumperk - Hanušovice 27km  
Hrušovany u Brna - Židlochovice 3km  
Olomouc - Přerov - Ostrava - Bohumín - Dolní Lutyně 119km (electrified route 3kV DC )
Ostrava Svinov - Ostrava Třebovice 3km (electrified route 3kV DC )
Studénka - Mošnov, Ostrava Airport 9km (electrified route 3kV DC )
Brno - Slavkov u Brna 27km (electrified route 25kV/50Hz-15kV/16 2/3Hz do Blažovic)
Brno - Přerov 88km (electrified route 25kV/50Hz-15kV/16 2/3Hz před Nezamyslice, dál SS 3kV)
Blažovice - Holubice (spojka 300 a 340) 3km (electrified route 25kV/50Hz-15kV/16 2/3Hz)
Praha Smíchov - Praha Řeporyje 11km  
Praha Smíchov - Praha Stodůlky 13km  
Olomouc - Nezamyslice 39km (electrified route 3kV ss )
Znojmo - Retz 18km (electrified route 3kV ss )
Znojmo - Okříšky 70km 15kV/16 2/3Hz
Brno - Jihlava - Havlíčkův Brod 131km  
Střelice - Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou - Hevlín 57km  
Čejč - Ždánice 25km  
Vranovice - Pohořelice 8km  
Ústí nad Labem Střekov - Děčín východ - Děčín hl.n 28km (electrified route 3kV ss )
Praha - Ústí nad Labem - Děčín 126km (electrified route 3kV ss )
Děčín hl.n. - Bad Schandau 23km (electrified route 3kV ss / 15kV/16 2/3Hz)
Děčín východ - Děčín Prostřední Žleb 5km (electrified route 3kV ss )
Lovosice - Trnovany u Litoměřic 12km (electrified route 3kV ss )
Žalhostice - Velké Žernoseky 5km  
Velké Březno - Zubrnice 5km  
Bad Schandau - Dresden HBF - Dresden Bishofsplatz 46km (elelectrified route 15kV/16 2/3Hz)


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Easy installation within menu::
   updated route
  trainset (complete Trainset BP about 8GB) regularly updated and new vehicles added.
   approved version of MSTS Bin
The popular videos taken from real routes are not included in this DVD anymore because of insufficient capacity of the disc (models of houses, expanded trainset).
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